Leverage Our Threat-led Content To Fast Track Your DORA Compliance

The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) requires comprehensive compliance to counter digital threats. Venation provides cost-effective solutions to meet and exceed these standards. Our scenario-based products, including Threat Led Penetration Testing (TLPT), offers extensive content and expert guidance, enabling organizations to conduct their own scenario planning activities. By leveraging our scenario intelligence subscription and tailored scenario planning services, financial entities can enhance preparedness, reduce analysis time, and ensure robust digital operational resilience. Venation’s proactive approach ensures DORA compliance and strengthens your cybersecurity posture. Below are our three most impactful examples.

Example 1: DORA & Scenario Planning for Threat Led Testing

DORA Requirement: Entities must perform threat-led penetration testing (TLPT) using appropriate scenarios, developing detailed test plans and ensuring regular reporting and remediation.

Solution: Venation’s Scenario Planning Services offer a vast repository of expertly crafted scenarios for TLPT. Our services include developing detailed red team test plans, executing penetration tests, and providing regular progress reports and comprehensive remediation plans.

Benefits for DORA Compliance:

  • Robust Test Planning: Develop and approve detailed red team test plans, including use-case scenarios and communication arrangements, meeting DORA’s TLPT requirements.
  • Effective Testing Execution: Conduct thorough penetration tests using realistic scenarios, identifying vulnerabilities and improving your security posture.
  • Timely Remediation: Provide comprehensive remediation plans post-testing, detailing identified shortcomings and proposed measures, ensuring compliance with DORA’s remediation timelines.

Example 2: DORA & Threat Analysis

DORA Requirement: Entities must perform thorough threat intelligence analysis relevant to their operations, identifying potential threats and vulnerabilities, and proposing appropriate scenarios for testing and defense.

Solution: Venation’s Threat Professional Services offer in-depth threat analysis tailored to your organization’s needs. Our services include identifying relevant threats, assessing vulnerabilities, and developing appropriate threat scenarios to enhance your security measures and defenses.

Benefits for DORA Compliance:

  • Detailed Threat Identification: Conduct thorough threat intelligence analysis, identifying potential threats and vulnerabilities relevant to your organization.
  • Scenario Development: Develop appropriate threat scenarios for testing and defense, ensuring your organization is prepared for various potential risks.
  • Enhanced Security Measures: Implement improved security measures based on identified threats and vulnerabilities, aligning with DORA’s emphasis on proactive threat management and resilience.

Example 3: DORA & Threat-Led Risk Management

DORA Requirement: Entities must conduct thorough risk assessments of live production systems, focusing on critical or important functions and their potential impact on the financial sector and financial stability.

Solution: Venation’s Professional Services support in detailed risk assessments and continuous monitoring to identify and evaluate potential threats and vulnerabilities. Our services include comprehensive risk analysis, impact assessment, and prioritization of critical functions to ensure robust risk management.

Benefits for DORA Compliance:

  • Comprehensive Risk Analysis: Conduct detailed risk assessments that identify and evaluate potential threats to critical functions, ensuring compliance with DORA requirements.
  • Prioritized Risk Management: Focus on high-impact areas and prioritize risk mitigation efforts, aligning with DORA’s emphasis on protecting financial stability.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Implement continuous risk monitoring to identify emerging threats and vulnerabilities, ensuring proactive risk management and resilience.

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