Boost Your NIS2 Compliance Using Venation Products & Services

For NIS2 compliance, anticipating and mitigating threats using threat intelligence and scenario planning is crucial. Venation’s scenario-based products and services offer tools and insights to stay ahead of cyber threats and ensure digital operational resilience. Our comprehensive scenario intelligence subscription and scenario planning services enhance preparedness and compliance. Leverage our resources to improve threat intelligence capabilities, reduce analysis time, and ensure robust threat preparedness. Our proactive approach meets NIS2 requirements and strengthens your resilience posture. Below are our three most impactful examples.

Example 1: NIS2 & Threat Led Scenario Planning

NIS2 Requirement: Entities must be able to anticipate and mitigate potential threats through advanced threat intelligence and scenario planning.

Solution: Our Scenario Intelligence Subscription and Scenario Planning Services offer a vast repository of expertly crafted scenarios. These scenarios help organizations prepare for various threat scenarios, ensuring they can anticipate and mitigate potential risks effectively. With customizable scenarios and expert integration into existing processes, Venation’s solutions enable organizations to stay compliant with NIS2 while enhancing their threat intelligence and digital risk management capabilities.

Scenario Intelligence Subscription

Benefits for NIS2 Compliance:

  • Reduce Analysis Time: Use our structured scenarios and templates to save your team weeks. Quickly integrate ready-to-use content into your internal solutions, meeting NIS2’s requirements for timely threat identification and response.
  • Enhance Preparedness: Leverage our scenario content in scenario-based penetration testing or crisis management exercises to strengthen your digital operational resilience. This proactive approach ensures your organization is prepared for a wide range of potential threats, as required by NIS2.
  • Maintain Compliance: Receive monthly updates with the most current threat led scenarios, ensuring ongoing compliance with NIS2’s evolving requirements.

Scenario Planning

Benefits for NIS2 Compliance:

  • Align with Regulations: Use our scenarios to meet NIS2’s specific requirements, ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations, including mandatory risk assessments, incident reporting, and crisis management protocols.
  • Proactively Manage Threats: Take a proactive approach to threat management with scenario planning, anticipating potential risks and preparing effective responses in advance. This aligns with NIS2’s emphasis on proactive cybersecurity measures.
  • Improve Decision-Making: Use realistic and comprehensive scenarios to enhance your team’s decision-making capabilities under pressure, ensuring effective crisis management and NIS2 compliance.

Example 2: NIS2 & Scenario-based Crisis Management Exercises

NIS2 Requirement: Organizations must ensure their digital resilience through regular crisis management exercises and continuous improvement of their security posture.

Venation Solution: Venation’s Digital Resilience Crisis Management Exercises provide immersive and practical training tailored to your industry and operational needs. These exercises help teams test their preparedness, improve response strategies, and enhance decision-making capabilities under pressure. Focusing on real-world conditions and providing detailed assessments and feedback, our exercises ensure high levels of digital resilience in compliance with NIS2.

Benefits for NIS2 Compliance:

  • Enhance Security Continuously: Regular crisis management exercises facilitate continuous improvement of your organization's security posture.
  • Maintain Digital Resilience: Practical preparedness testing ensures robust digital resilience, preparing your organization for potential threats.
  • Strengthen Executive Decision-Making: Tailored exercises improve C-suite executives' decision-making capabilities during cyber crises, ensuring effective leadership and crisis management.

Example 3: NIS2 & Scenario-based Incident Response Planning

NIS2 Requirement: Entities must be prepared to respond to cybersecurity incidents promptly and effectively, with well-defined incident response plans and coordination with national CSIRTs (Computer Security Incident Response Teams).

Venation Solution: Our scenario intelligence subscription provides organizations with pre-built templates for creating and managing incident response plans. Our content integrates seamlessly with CSIRTs, supporting dynamic risk analysis and early warning systems to ensure effective incident response as required by NIS2.

Benefits for NIS2 Compliance:

  • Enable Rapid Incident Response: Use pre-built templates and seamless CSIRT integration to ensure prompt and effective response to cybersecurity incidents, meeting NIS2 requirements.
  • Coordinate Incident Management: Facilitate seamless collaboration with national CSIRTs for unified and coordinated incident management.
  • Mitigate Threats Proactively: Utilize dynamic risk analysis and early warning systems to anticipate and mitigate threats, ensuring a proactive approach to risk management.

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