Analyst On Demand For When You Need Us

What is Analyst On Demand?

Venation's Analyst On Demand service customizes existing scenarios, creates new custom scenarios, and builds comprehensive threat landscapes. We map your unique cyber threat landscape and help leadership communicate threats and risks effectively. Our expertise allows us to quickly adjust content and formats to fit any situation or client template, providing the most relevant and up-to-date information.

We rapidly adjust content and formats to fit any situation or client template. If a scenario doesn’t exist, we quickly create one tailored to your needs. Our cost-effective, credit-based model ensures clear and transparent expectations.

Key Features

Our Analyst On Demand offering provides key features designed to meet the dynamic needs of our clients.

  • Cost-effective: we use a cost-effective, credit-based model to keep our services transparent and accessible. This approach allows clients to utilize our expertise without hidden costs, making high-quality threat analysis both affordable and efficient.
  • Flexible: If a scenario doesn’t exist, we quickly produce a new one, tailoring it to your specific needs whenever you need it.
  • Priority: Our platform members receive priority access to these services, ensuring they are always at the forefront of threat-informed risk management.

Why Choose Venation

Choosing Venation means opting for a partner committed to delivering high-quality, easily accessible, and actionable content.

  • Rapid content delivery: Our turnaround time for delivery of these products is 3 weeks. This is highly relevant for time-sensitive engagements. Duration may vary, depending on type and complexity of scenarios or your threat landscape.
  • Expertise: To ensure you have the best content to address and manage threats swiftly and effectively, we have seasoned experts at our . We believe in empowering teams with the resources they need to enhance their threat management capabilities with confidence and precision.
  • Tailored to your usecase: You gain access to expertly tailored threat scenarios, designed with your needs in mind. This could include Enhance your digital risk management with Venation, and make the most of your precious resources.

Frequently Asked Questions